Industry Sponsored Product Launch/Introduction

Monday, January 30 

12:15 p.m. Industry-sponsored Product Launch/Introduction and Lunch/Elanco 

Imrestor (pegbovigrastim injection), is the first and only immune restorative for periparturient cows and heifers. Imrestor received FDA approval in March 2016 for the Elanco GIFreduction in the incidence of clinical mastitis in the first 30 days of lactation in periparturient dairy cows and periparturient replacement dairy heifers. Imrestor is a protein that helps support the natural function of a dairy cow’s immune system during the critical time around calving, when she is most vulnerable to mastitis.  Dr. Rapnicki will provide further detail on immune modulation as a strategy to reduce clinical mastitis in early lactation.  As a private practitioner, Brian Reed, DVM MBA; Partner, Agricultural Veterinary Associates – Lancaster County, PA will provide his observations from clients who have used Imrestor.



Tuesday, January 31

7:30 a.m. Industry-sponsored Product Launch/Introduction/Zoetis

In 1994, somatic cell score (SCS) was introduced in U.S. genetic evaluations as a way to genetically select for less mastitis and increase milk quality. Prior to the introduction of SCS, the industry saw ever-increasing average cell counts and cases of mastitis. As a result of having SCS as a genetic selection measure, we have seen this avenue of emphasis help contribute to a steady decrease in evaluations for SCS. With the introduction of genomic evaluations and increased interest in direct selection for disease traits, there is now the ability to focus additionally on the direct trait of mastitis. In March 2016, Zoetis introduced ZoetisCLARIFIDE Plus, which contains the first direct trait for mastitis developed from U.S. commercial data. While the selection for lower SCS is still a desired outcome, having the direct trait of mastitis in genomic evaluations gives us the opportunity to focus on our young animals to determine their risk for developing mastitis later in life and making selection decisions to focus on or away from that risk. Dr. Kent Weigel from the University of Wisconsin and Dave Erf, Zoetis geneticist, will review the latest research on genomics and its impact on milk quality.